A Walk with Jane Austen: A Journey into Adventure, Love, and Faith - Lori  Smith This was a good book, a gentle look into someone else's life. Her walk with Jane Austen through the landscapes Jane knew and loved was enlightening. Some of my favorite parts:Writing about her visit to the British Library:"I felt as though I had walked into a sacred space, and everywhere I turned there was something new to inspire awe. I wondered about all of these people, the people whose work is here. Aside from genius, and a great gift, I think what they must have in common is a great energy for life, a not holding back. They kept going-whether it was art, or science, or music, or all of the above; they were determined to seek things out, to create. And to go in their given direction. …I could feel their energy. Perhaps the gift inside them could not be silenced. Perhaps they could not help it. Madeleine L’Engle says you know you are a writer if you can’t help but write, if you feel like you must. I feel like I must. I want to obey that calling. I'm not a genius. I would be content simply to do some good work. It's possible to stifle things like this from laziness, or to choke them with fear or even misplaced humility. But when you can be brave, what a joy to have a chance to discover and create. That's how I feel wandering through all this greatness." Writing of Jane Austin:"She did not want to be famous. She wanted to love her family and her friends, to live her faith rather than talk about it, to do good work and tell good stories. She enjoyed making money with her writing and even developed a little jealousy, like any good writer. And while Jane was---is---big, she never believed that being big was important." Reader be aware this is a Christian girl's journey, a Christian girl's life. If you are not into reading thoughts about God, God's grace and love, etc. you should look in a different direction.