The Wednesday Letters - Jason F. Wright I have to admit, I began reading this book with some trepidation. I thought that it was going to be more along the lines of The Bridges of Madison County, which though I enjoyed to a degree, left me wishing for more. I couldn't have been more wrong!This book was about so much more than just one marriage and the committed love of Jack and Laurel. This book provided me with a lesson of hope in the face of mistakes made by most of the characters in the book: Matthew and his wife Monica whose marriage seemed to be over, Samantha and the courage she found to raise her daughter as a single mother, Uncle Joe whose life was a testament to the power of change after a lifetime of mistakes, A&P and her generosity, Aunt Allyson who finally found her true love, Pastor Doug whose life also offered a lesson of redemption and forgiveness, Rain who in the end realized her true love, and of course, Malcolm who made it through the astounding truth of the past a better man.Running throughout the story is the power of love to heal and the power of faith in the Lord. From the book an excerpt of a song Jack wrote: "I must learn to ask of the Lord in all that I do. Yes, I will learn to ask of the Lord and all my dreams will come true."We are not wearing rose colored glasses as we read about the strength of marriage. We observe the trials and the pain that accompanies love, but are left with only a satisfied sense of hope in the face of one of the greatest tests a marriage can endure.In the background, there are always The Wednesday Letters which left me with an idea for my own life. They are such a wonderful tradition and, at times, I felt the strength of the letters were the real tie that bound this family together.I feel like my review of this book is lacking. I can only say that, yes, I recommend this book to everyone! The lessons we are given are priceless. This is a book that will remain with me for a long time, and I am thankful to Jason Wright, the author, for sharing this story of love and hope with us!