Twisted Creek - Jodi Thomas Everyone needs a fluffy, feel good story once in a while! I could totally empathize with the characters and found this book to be a breezy, heartwarming story.Allie Daniels, who was raised by her Nana after her mother left her at 3 years old, finally catches a break in life when she inherits property in Texas. She consistently second guesses the inheritence as she never even knew the man who gave it to her, Uncle Jefferson or the place, Twisted Creek. She also receives a cashier's check for $5,000 and immediately takes it to the bank as she doubts it is even good. Lo and behold, the check is good so she packs up the van and along with Nana moves to Texas. They find a tumbledown cafe that sits right on a lake which is more like a general store/bait shop. The cast of characters begins to emerge:Luke, with eyes so blue, who knew Uncle Jefferson well and is actually there to investigate his death; Mrs. Deal, a quiet widow who comes to the store to buy cookies; Mary Lynn, an old maid whose parents died when she was young; Paul, a banker whose wife leaves him after he buys a cabin on the lake; Willie, a smelly old fisherman with a heart of gold; the Landry brothers who are always fishing; the gruff old sheriff and his son Dillon who the sheriff believes can do no wrong; and finally Allie's mother who is just a self-centered, mean woman. Throughout the book, Nana touches my heart as she feeds everyone while her thinking becomes more and more stuck in the past and Allie who turns to her art and sketching all of the characters who come in and out of the cafe. I found myself continually rooting for Allie and that her life would truly become all she hoped for. Sure enough, things worked out, and I am left with the feeling that they all lived happily ever after as I smile and remind myself that it was just a story. (but I still want to meet Allie and Nana!)