A Case of Bad Taste - Lori Copeland The story centered around the small town of Morning Shade and a frustrated author in her 60's whose husband had passed away. Her cranky 87 year old mother in law moved in with her. Then her daughter's husband passed away also, forcing her to move in along with 3 dogs and then a cat. Moving three grown women into the same house made for some funny antics! If that relationship wasn't enough, someone in the small town began going into people's houses but instead of stealing anything, they rearranged furniture and cleaned the house (which someone could do in my house anytime!) Stella, the mother in law began doing a little detective work of her own. The book was interspersed with bible quotes and reflections on the Lord, but not in any kind of overwhelming way.All in all, it was just an ok book. It was a very light mystery and didn't always hold my attention. It was one of those books that you read so far and just have to continue to see how the story plays out.