Made in the U.S.A. - Billie Letts This book hooked me from the first page. I had to keep reading to make sure everything turned out well for the two orphaned kids! The brother and sister, Lutie (15) and Fate (11), have seen their fair share of misery in their short lives. The book begins when their caretaker, who is the ex-girlfriend of their father, dies in WalMart of a heart attack and the children take her car rather than be put into foster care. First problem, Lutie is only 15, doesn't have her driver's license, and really doesn't know how to drive! They head for Las Vegas which is the last known address of their father who has been gone for a year with no contact. The book details the rough days ahead for them living homeless in Las Vegas until the good samaratin who has been secretly helping them once again comes to the rescue after a tragic incident. What follows is another trip across the country; this one filled with hope and only good things at the end. I recommend this book to all Billie Letts fans. It won't be listed as my favorite by her, but is certainly worth the time.