The Night Villa - Carol Goodman Dr. Sophie Chase is a classics professor at the University of Texas in Austin who attends an interview as support for a student named Agnes to participate in an archaeological research project on the Isle of Capri in Italy. The interview ends with a tragic shooting in which two people are killed and Sophie is critically injured. After the shooting, Sophie agrees to participate in The Papyrus Project that is funded by a billionaire who has built a villa to mirror the ancient “Night Villa” that was destroyed with the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. The story progresses with the discovery and deciphering of ancient scrolls tied to a Pythagorean cult which is still active in a present day cult. The book is filled with intrigue, mystery, and a bit of romance. The descriptions of the villa, the town, and the ocean all transport the reader to the Isle of Capri as do the vivid details of life during the time of the eruption. The story has a twist at the end which has left me reaching for more of Carol Goodman’s novels.