The Book of Air and Shadows - Michael Gruber In reading this book, I kept thinking of “The DaVinci Code” with a Shakespearean twist and feel it would make a great movie!The discovery of a letter written by an unknown named Bricegirdle in the 1600’s with a reference to an unpublished Shakespeare play leads the characters on a lively chase! It seems to be a book inside a book with the players all telling their own stories until each begin to mesh, though subtlety at first. It is the story of Jake, an intellectual property lawyer who is also a bit of a playboy. The grandson of a Nazi SS officer whose father is Jewish; yea, tall order for this guy!There is also Carolyn Rolly, an employee of a book dealer named Glaser who yearns to be a bookbinder. She has a mysterious past that includes an abusive relationship, or is she actually on a mission and the center of all the drama?This leads the reader to Crosetti, the son of a middle class family who is also working for Glaser trying to save enough money for film school. He seems to be thrown into the story by chance or was it planned all along?Throw in Bulstrade, the leading expert on Shakespeare; Mickey Haas, Jake’s best friend who is also a Professor; the family of Jake and Crosetti; well I found each chapter led to more and more questions, mysteries, and intrigue that kept me riveted right up to the climactic ending. I look forward to reading more from this fantastic author, Michael Gruber!