Tribute - Nora Roberts This book was Nora Roberts at her best I think! She pulled me into the story from the first page. It is about Cilla, the granddaughter of a movie star, the daughter of a movie star, who was a child star herself. She has turned her back on Hollywood and is into flipping houses when she decides to purchase her grandmother's old farm house from her mother and remodel it. The house has been neglected for years, since her grandmother's apparent suicide. There is a hunky man living next door who finally beats down Cilla's defenses until a relationship forms between them. As Cilla comes to terms with a lot of family issues while remodeling the house with help from her father things begin to go wrong beginning with an accident involving Cilla's ex-husband who was visiting and is also the star of an HGTV show. Other weird things happen throughout the story involving vandalism at the sight which is thought to stem from old love letters Cilla finds that were to her grandmother. It culminates in catching the bad guy and a happily ever after ending that left me wishing for an epilogue. I recommend this book to all Nora Roberts fans. Though listed as a romance, the story is certainly a lot more than that!