The Lost Recipe for Happiness - Barbara O'Neal What a great book! From the very first page, I sympathized with Elena who had just been fired from a restaurant she helped to establish by the executive chef who just happened to also be her boyfriend. She was then immediately offered a position by the owner of the restaurant, Julian, to be executive chef for another restaurant he owned. I related to Elena in so many ways. She loved her big dog Alvin, which any dog lover will be able to relate to! She suffered from pain after receiving massive injuries in a car wreck years before where she was the only survivor and this left her haunted both physically and emotionally. I felt her pressure in trying to get the new restaurant established in Aspen and also felt her reluctance to get too deeply involved with the owner, who was a movie director and very rich, even though it seemed so right. I loved the other characters in the book; Ivan the old chef who was battling issues of his own; Peter, one of Elena's best friends who arrived to help her with the restaurant; Mia, another good friend of Elena's;, and even all of the restaurant help from the immigrants, including Juan who was a favorite, to Tansy the pastry chef.The relationship that developed between Julian's daughter Portia and Elena was also a great addition, but I would say one of my favorite parts was how the author made the food sound so great, the descriptions read almost like poetry and recipes are even included which is another plus. It is hard to categorize this book; it's so much more than 'chit lit' and I certainly recommend it to all who love a great story! I look forward to reading another book by this talented author, Barbara O'Neal.