Still Life with Chickens : Starting Over in a House By the Sea - Catherine Goldhammer Have you ever just loved a book for it's simplicity and silliness? Well, this was one of those books! It was about a newly divorced woman who sells her house and buys a fixer upper on the 'other side of the tracks' along with six baby chicks for her precocious 12 year old daughter after her daughter refused to move. The author used chickens as 'bait'! The baby chicks first resided in the bathtub, then were moved to a big refrigerator box that the author "decided should have a door, a side window, and a sunroof, and that one whole end of the box should be windowed." I found the funniest part to be that the chicks were residing at the house the author was trying to sell! Imagine trying to keep the smell of chicks out of a house that is being shown to buyers!In closing the book the author wrote, "Perfection did not visit me. The meaning of life was not simple. I didn't know, that day in January, when I decided that I would have to sell my house in Hearts-Are-Cold, that grace lay in wait on a six-mile beach. I did not have a year in Provence or a villa under the Tuscan sun. I did not have a farm in Africa. It turned out that my life was not someone else's book. It was not a picture and it was not still. It was moving, variegated, unpredictable. It was a life, with chickens."