The Geometry of Sisters - Luanne Rice This book follows one family as they try to adjust to a different life following a tragic boating accident.Beck's father died in the accident, her older sister disappeared from the hospital, and then her mother, Maura, accepts a teaching position at a private academy in New England which means a painful upheaval for Beck and her older brother Travis. Beck buries herself in Mathematics while Travis tries to adjust to life in a new place away from his first love.Maura is harboring a long kept secret that is hinted at throughout the book. Her arrival in New England brings it closer to the surface along with a reconciliation of past mistakes and a love that was lost. Dealing at the same time with a reconciliation with her long estranged sister and the painful adjustment to life without her husband and oldest daughter while still searching desperately for her missing daughter all seems to bring this mother closer and closer to the breaking point. I found myself sympathizing with each character and couldn't wait to find out what happened. This book is a definite winner and a great read that culminates in a satisfying ending!