A Patchwork Planet - Anne Tyler This was an interesting read about a man, Barnaby, who is the black sheep from a successful family. He works at a place called 'Rent a Back' which helps elderly people do things they can no longer do for themselves. The cast of characters that Anne Tyler gives us in this book are many and varied from the elderly people Barnaby encounters in his work to his mother Margot who tries to be such a prim and proper lady.Barnaby had gotten into trouble in his youth and his parents had to make restitution. When Barnaby sells the Corvette that his grandfather had given him in order to pay his parents back this money, he finally relieves himself of the guilt his mother in particular has always made him feel.He begins to date a slightly older woman who his family approves of, while using part of the money from the sale of the car to purchase a truck with his close friend Martine that he works with and has a one night stand with.We drift through all of Barnaby's emotions as several of the elderly people he helps in his job die, he tries to overcome the mistakes of his younger years, and he struggles to form a closer relationship with his nine year old daughter from a failed marriage who he only sees once a month.I found this to be a strange story but one with a great message about overcaming mistakes and surrounding yourself with people who trust in your goodness instead of people others may approve of.