Dream House - Valerie Laken The quote on the book cover describes this book as a ghost story. It isn't a ghost story in the conventional sense of the word, but a story about healing family rifts and coming to terms with the 'ghosts' that surround the characters lives and leave them tormented with no peace.It is the story of a young couple who purchases their first home, with the husband only grudgingly agreeing to the purchase. When they find out that the house was the scene of a murder, the husband leaves. It is the story of Kate who has tried to live up to her family's image but always feels lacking until the purchase of the house gives her a purpose; to remodel and make it her own.It is the story of Walker who was just released from prison after 18 years following the shooting of his mother's boyfriend.It is the story of Jay who was deeply affected by the house after being on the clean-up crew following the murder. How all of the characters work through their doubts and issues forms the basis of this book. The ending was described as an 'unforgettable climax'. Though the ending brings a measure of peace to all of the characters, I felt like I wanted something more.