The Beach Street Knitting Society and Yarn Club - Gil McNeil Really enjoyed this one, even though I messed up and put the large print edition on hold instead of the normal print! That was kind of different; reading a large print version. Anyway, it was a very good story....Jo's husband announced he wanted a divorce and left the house only to be killed in a car accident. This book was about her first year after his death; moving from London to a small town in England where she took over her grandmother's knitting and yarn shop. There was a great mix of characters and I really sympathized with Jo. What was she to feel? Anger because her husband was having an affair and asked for a divorce before his death, sadness for losing him, kind of lost trying to raise their two boys alone with all the craziness that comes with two small boys? It was great reading about how she tried to sort it all out.I believe there is a sequel to this book,[b:Needles and Pearls|4388720|Needles and Pearls|Gil McNeil||4436796] and I look forward to reading it too!