Happens Every Day: An All-Too-True Story - Isabel Gillies I have to say, I truly enjoyed this true story about the disintegration of a marriage and would recommend it to anyone going through a divorce/break-up. The author had a pure honesty about her, yet did it in such a way that she wasn't whiny, just trying to make her way through to the hope on the other side. As a successful actress in her own right (Detective Stabler's wife on Law & Order SVU) she gave up her life for her two small sons and family and followed her husband to a small town in Ohio where he took a position as a professor at the college. Maybe 'gave up her life' are too strong of words to use; she chose a different life.Her struggles when the marriage fell apart touched my heart in a way that I rarely find in this type of book, and I feel the author can be proud of her accomplishment.Some quotes from the book:(Though a lot of us can probably substitute 'Monday' for 'Sunday'!"I hate Sundays. I get the Sunday blues just like my mother. She always warned me that if I ever felt bad about something on a Sunday or something bad happened on a Sunday, wait until Monday to deal with it because more than likely the majority of the shittiness was just because it was Sunday. Her antidote to Sunday blues, and anything else for that matter, is to take a bath."The author writing about some pancakes she really liked:"I thought if I could get such a kick out of these pancakes, I hadn't died. He hadn't killed me or destroyed my ability to take pleasure in life. I could taste something heavenly and feel joy, even if only for a second. That pancake meant I would be okay. It gave me courage and hope that even on the darkest day, there is a way to see light and feel the beauty of the world. Sounds corny, but life can be glorious. Remembering that during the lowest, saddest times is imperative if you want to get back to the highs. But you have to look. You have to remember to remind yourself to look."