After You - Julie Buxbaum "Last Thursday, when Lucy stopped breathing, there is no doubt that a part of me died too. The history of who I am-the accumulation of a million memories from a thirty-one-year friendship, the knowledge that at least one person in the world could see me, that at least one person in the world would always know me-has been washed empty. I picture her blood trickling between the cobblestones, and one of the most important voices in my head, certainly the most constant, goes with it."Wow....what a touching and 'real' story. Lucy is killed leaving behind her 8 year old daughter, husband, and her best friend Ellie. This book is the story of trying to survive after a tragedy like this. Ellie, who is Sophie's godmother, leaves her own life to stay in England with Sophie and Greg. Ellie and Sophie find solace in reading "The Secret Garden" together. Greg at first turns to the bottle to find his comfort. There is an intermingling of family and story lines in this book that keeps the reader interested. I really enjoyed the honest emotions the author portrayed. Look forward to reading more of her books!