The Honey Thief - Elizabeth Graver I was disappointed with this book. I picked it up because one of the blurbs about it said it was like The Secret Life of Bees. Well, it fell short for me. I just didn't relate to any of the characters including the 11 year old child Eva...I know it's bad when you don't really care for a child in a book but hey, that's the way it was! Basic premise; Eva and her mother Miriam moved to a small town from New York City after Eva was caught shoplifting one too many times. Miriam found a job and Eva found the only place in the small town she could shoplift again....a honey stand. She became friends with the beekeeper who was the only redeeming character for me in this book. Descriptions of the past and the death of Francis the father due to mental illness were interspersed throughout the book culminating in Miriam telling Eva that her father really didn't die of a heart attack, and Eva having a reaction after she snuck in to the bee hives to release a queen bee into the hives. I thought the ending was pretty good considering, because it left the reader with the hope that Miriam and the beekeeper would start a relationship, but by that point I really didn't care anymore.