Bread Alone - Judi Hendricks Wynter is devastated when David announces after 7 years of marriage that he wants a divorce. There were signs that the marriage was failing and signs of David’s infidelity, but Wyn chose to ignore them and seemed to remain blissfully stupid about her marriage. She gave up her personal aspirations to become David’s wife and her only friends were acquaintances of David’s that would further his career. She basically buried herself in her husband’s goals and didn’t even realize how unhappy she was. I have read Hendrick’s other books, “Isabel’s Daughter” and “The Laws of Harmony”, and this was my least favorite of the three. I did enjoy the recipes, Henrick’s writing about the sights and sounds of Seattle, and her character descriptions; I just got tired of Wyn’s whining about her husband, who it seemed she should have left a lot sooner and who sounded like a real jerk from the start! I enjoyed the ending of this book and will have to read the next one “The Baker’s Apprentice” which picks up from the end of this one.I do enjoy this talented author, and hope she comes out with another new book soon!