The Summer Kitchen - Lisa Wingate The sign of a good book: I stayed up way too late to finish it! This was such a touching story! It went back and forth between a middle-aged housewife named SandraKaye who was married to a Doctor and didn't have to worry about money, switching to Cass Blue a 12 year old trying to pose as a 17 year old whose mother had died and left her and her brother (who was really only 17) to fend for themselves. SandraKaye's Uncle Poppy had died a violent death in the 'rough' neighborhood where he lived. Her son Jake, who they adopted from Guatemala when he was just 3 years old, had been missing since Poppy's funeral. Her husband was working all the time, and her teenage son Chris was having a hard time dealing with the death and the disappearance of Jake.Cass was living in a housing project with her brother Rusty, who worked with a construction crew, trying to make ends meet but falling short and going hungry a lot of the time. One evening Rusty brought home a girl named Kiki who had a 3 year old daughter named Opal. Kiki was a topless dancer who had been beaten by her boyfriend and had nowhere else to go. Cass disliked KiKi but bonded with Opal and was thrown into the position of playing mother to the toddler.SandraKaye began going to Poppy's house, trying to clean and fix it up because her mother had put the house up for sale. When she was driving by the housing project where Cass lived on the way to Poppy's house one day, she saw children inside a dumpster. She thought they were just playing and she stopped, told them to get out of the dumpster, that they were going to get hurt. It was only later that she realized they were actually in the dumpster scavenging for food! So she made sandwiches the next day and gave them to Cass to share with the children. Cass along with Opal began going to Poppy's house, helping SandraKaye with the house, and fixing sandwiches every day for her, Opal, and the other children. This small act of kindness snowballed into providing sandwiches for the entire neighborhood and a place called 'The Summer Kitchen' to feed the hungry. I really enjoyed this book and highly recommend it! There were so many great lessons in this story such as how one person can really make a difference! I am anxious to read more books from this author!