But Inside I'm Screaming - Elizabeth Flock I found the author's descent from successful broadcast journalist to a suicidal patient in a mental hospital both interesting and alarming. The author intertwined clues and reasons for Isabel's illness throughout the book which offered just enough mystery to maintain my interest. I wanted to learn all the answers and reasons behind Isabel's illness. It seems the author provided reasons but also left the reader to form their own opinions. This was particularly true with the ending of the book. I understand the reasoning behind such an ending but I don't like it when things are not neatly sewed up!This was not a 'feel good' book by any stretch of the imagination! It provided a peak into life in a mental institution and into the lives of the patients. I find it ironic how certain women ultimately gravitate toward the same type of men over and over. This book provided a lot of food for thought and for this reason I think would be a great book club read. I wouldn't run out and buy this one, but if you have a chance to read it I believe it is worth your time.