The Wildwater Walking Club - Claire Cook It is Noreen's first day off work after 18 years of being employed at the same company when a handsome severance package is offered to her. She wakes up at the crack of dawn even though for the first time she can sleep in! I could totally relate to this as it happens to me every weekend! She begins putting one foot in front of the other and walking after her latest boyfriend breaks up with her and starts dating one of her good friends...what a scumbag! She is joined in her walk by her next door neighbor and then by another neighbor who owns a lavender farm. They work out a deal by using a pedometer to gage how far they are walking. However far they walk, they can go on a trip the same distance. Their first trip consists of going to a lavender festival in Seattle. Meanwhile Noreen is attending weekly support meetings offered by her company, her mother comes to visit and starts 'dating' the father of one of her walking buddies, and her other walking buddies teenage daughter is pulling typical teenage antics. There were laugh out loud funny parts to this book! This is an easy, beach kinda read. I really enjoyed it. The only complaint I have is perhaps it ended too soon! I am hoping that the author will consider writing a sequel; I want to know what happens to everyone next!I recommend this book for a fun read!