The Almost Archer Sisters - Lisa Gabriele I picked this book up at the library after reading the first sentence, "Until she left the farm for good, I never thought much about what made me different from my sister." The relationship between the two sisters and the family was a bit over the top; could all of these things really happen in one family? Then at once my answer was Yip-sure could, kind of sounds like home in a totally different way of course.Beth left the farm; Peachy stayed, got married young and had two kids. Beth had loads of money and success; Peachy, the farm and family. But it is Peachy’s life I wound up relating to in the end, not Beth’s. I imagine it would be the opposite for my own sister. To choose staying on the farm for a lifetime or moving to New York she’d be gone; I would stay. So the differences in sisters was reinforced and made me think of my own sisters and our differences.At one point in this book, I was feeling like, why continue? A book I really wanted to read just came in and I felt I was wasting my time with this book. Now after finishing it, I have to say, just keep reading! My favorite part is when Peachy goes to New York; the way she handles herself and returns home to the farm and I thought the ending was good. The author tells things as they are, not sugar coating anything, and I ultimately found it to be a nice change.