Time Is a River - Mary Alice Monroe Mia Landon, recovering from breast cancer, attends "Casting for Recovery" a fly fishing retreat designed for breast cancer survivors and headed by Belle Carson who was the leader and the fishing guide. Mia leaves the retreat early and returns home only to discover her husband in bed with another woman! Feeling desperate she goes back to the retreat only to find everyone already gone; everyone except for Belle who offers Mia the use of her family's old cabin which she had inherited following the death of her mother. The cabin had originally belonged to Belle's grandmother, Kate Watkins, a well known fly fishing guide whose life had been surrounded with notoriety and scandal.Surrounded by Kate’s belongings, Mia becomes more and more enthralled with her story particularly after finding her diary and fishing journals. She began to search for the truth of Kate’s life with the help of an eclectic cast of characters from the nearby town called Watkins Cove. Mia also began to fly fish in the river that was only yards from the cabin. Surrounded by the peacefulness of the woods and the river, Mia began to paint again and became healthier and stronger. She meets a man who becomes her “fishing buddy” for a time until the relationship blossoms, and she continues to search for clues and answers to Kate’s life.This book provided a mystery along with a touch of romance that kept me interested until the last page when the questions were at last answered.