The Long Road Home (Harper Monogram) - Mary Alice Monroe I really enjoyed this book! My summary and thoughts follow:When Rose's husband, Mac, committed suicide he left her broke, worse than broke actually, he left her owing every bank in the city. Her marriage had been a sham; the Manhattan socialite found herself alone and penniless.The only hope that she had of leaving the city with even a dime to her name was to auction all of their possessions. She had been a dealer of art and other antique treasures and had a great eye for paintings; she was confident of their value. Therefore, she felt the auction would be an unequivocal success. That is unless the worth of Mac's accounts were realized, he died bankrupt...there was no money.The attorneys offered her a paltry amount of money which she quickly refused. Instead she negotiated for a mountainside farm in Vermont, a farm that her and Mac had purchased when they were first married, the only place the couple had ever known true happiness, had ever felt love, had been in love.Rose felt that she could make a success of the farm, not that she was anticipating great riches, but she felt there would be enough money to survive leaving the rat race and finding her own peace of mind. The attorneys agreed, but ultimately it came down to the auction and how much money could be realized from it. Rose went to the apartment in the city her and Mac had shared to pack up the rest of her things; there weren't many. While the movers were loading a desk, a secret drawer opened that contained Mac's personal (money) journal. This journal was invaluable in figuring out the mess he had left. When Rose saw the journal, she acted like it was her diary and quickly stuffed it in her suitcase along with other paperwork of Mac's she found. Rose set out for her new home, her sheep farm, in the mountains of Vermont. The home had been designed by the couple, but had never been completed. The location of the house on top of a mountain overlooking all the land below, was truly breathtaking. The road to the house, however, was steep and pot hole riddled; very dangerous. Rose lost control of the car and wound up stuck. The handyman came to Rose's rescue. His name was Charles Walker. This was the initial meeting of the two who would remain connected throughout the rest of the book.The neighbors were also of tremendous help to Rose in learning how to operate the farm and became just like family to her. The personalities of each character was well developed and made the book even more enjoyable. It was hard to put the book down! I found myself reading faster and faster just to see how everything would turn out.I highly recommend this book and will be reading more by Ms. Monroe!