Semi-Sweet: A Novel of Love and Cupcakes - Roisin Meaney I find that I remember clearly all of the characters in this book, the story lines and the setting which is the small Irish (fictional) town of Clongarvin and the charming cupcake shop on the corner opened by the main character of Hannah. Remembering this book three months later speaks volumes for the reason I gave it 4 stars! The book opens with Hannah's excitement at fulfilling her dream of opening a cupcake shop. She is getting ready to go to a congratulatory dinner party with her live in love Patrick when out of the blue he announces he doesn't love her anymore. Of course this event drew my sympathy for Hannah immediately and my hatred for the schmuck Patrick! Hannah continues to the dinner party and I am wrapped up with how she is going to make it through this heartbreak.The truth is revealed about Patrick who moves in with:Leah-the witch who purposely got herself pregnant to cement the relationship to the horror of:Fiona-Leah's mother who at once seems coldhearted and more worried about what the women at bridge club are going to think about her daughter and the illegitimate child. The women at bridge club include:Geraldine-Hannah's mother who is a 'Leave it to Beaver' type character who works in the town's shoe store owned by:Alice-who is married to: Tom-who has a drinking problem that leads to tragedy and partner in a dental practice with:Stephen-Hannah's father.Another character is:Vivienne-a shy introverted woman who is a musician and still lives with her mother but strikes the love interest of: Adam-Hannah's best friend who is so supportive of her new cupcake shop telling her to give it 7 months, until his birthday, and then reevaluate the business. He moves in with Hannah to help with bills turning his apartment over to his evil twin sister:Nora-a cold and calculating woman just back from America and who goes to work as an assistant to:Patrick-the ex who starts an affair with her and leads this reader to feel sympathetic towards:Leah-the pregnant mistress who didn't realize what she was getting herself into with Patrick.Wow! The book also includes several other characters! What strikes me is the way all of the characters lives intertwine with one story line leading to another in this small Irish town that seems to be the same as the small Midwestern town that I live in. I was interested in each character and where the story was going to end up.I would be anxious to read more about the happenings in this small Irish town and can see this book being the first in a series, but I'm just not sure the author agrees with this reader!I recommend this book as a charming and sometimes infuriating journey into life in a small town.