So Happy Together - Maryann McFadden It's never too late! Never too late for a new dream, to embrace a new life, to change your mind or feelings about things, to smile, laugh, until your last breath: it's never too late!This was an enjoyable book with a great moral. For that reason, I am giving it 4 stars. However, to say there was a lot going on is an understatement! Some events were a little over the top, some seemed unnecessary while some could have been expanded on. Claire has always put herself last until now. She is engaged to Rick and is planning a new life in Arizona. At last, life seems to be changing for Claire, or is it?***SPOILER ALERT*** Her estranged daughter Amy unexpectedly returns just as Claire is ready to leave on a much anticipated photography workshop in Cape Cod. And as the taxi is honking outside, Amy suddenly collapses on the floor letting out a painful scream. Imagine your daughter giving birth to a tiny baby girl right there in the hallway. Needless to say, this event changes everything. When Claire finally returns home from the hospital, she is in for another surprise. She has temporarily rented her house out to John which she has forgotten amidst all the turmoil. To make matters worse, he refuses to give up his lease on the house until Claire agrees to do a photography shoot for him. Fast forward a few chapters; daughter and baby come home, a decision is made by Claire and her brother for their parents to move into an assisted living facility which throws their mother into a depression, Amy is bitter about her father and takes her anger out on Claire for his desertion while being secretive about her time away and the father of baby Rose, Claire's 'wonderful' fiance Rick is no support, and then the workshop in Cape Cod has an opening. Claire packs up the entire family; Amy, baby Rose, and her parents, to stay in a rental house for the duration of the workshop. John, of course, is in Cape Cod where he is working on an environmental story concerning whales which become Claire's focus in her photography. Claire's father Joe has been harboring a secret for years which has caused her mother Fanny to doubt his love for her their entire married life. The answers are found in the ocean town that happens to be the place Joe was stationed during the service. Fanny renews Amy's interest and passion in cooking from the old Italian recipes that have been handed down for generations. Rick calls off the wedding but has a change of heart when he suffers from a health scare. However, it comes too late for Claire who finally realizes John is the man for her. ***END SPOILER ALERT***Excerpt:"The river took a sharp bend to the left, and the blacktop followed. This river that had once defined her life. She had gone far up that river, beyond its reach, and tasted a different world. A different kind of life. All of them had been touched by the magical light of Cape Cod."