Keys to the Castle - Donna Ball I enjoyed this book but....not as much as the Ladybug Farm series. It did have some depth and interesting, engaging characters. It was wonderful to imagine a once great castle and the chance to restore it to its former splendor. I would have enjoyed it more had there been more depth to this portion of the book. However, there were charming moments; the instant bond between Sara and Alyssa, the love between the two sisters, Ash's mother Katherine was a delight, and even the efficient Mrs. Harrison brought me a smile.I am trying to pinpoint exactly why this book fell a little flat for me and the only reason I can come up with is trying to imagine how a woman so recently widowed who was portrayed as being madly in love with her husband could so suddenly fall for another man. All in all, this was a light, fun read and I will say, pay attention to Ash's dream in the beginning of the book! I had to go back and re-read that part!