The Myrtles Plantation: The True Story of America's Most Haunted House - Frances Kermeen I flew through this book yesterday and found it to be quite a story! Are the things that Kermeen described true, did they really happen? I can find no explanation for her to put a story such as this out there for the public to criticize if it wasn't true. Could she have done it for the money? Yes of course, but it seems like she had enough money to begin with. Why anyone would subject themselves to public scrutiny just for monetary gain? I know it happens all the time, but in this case....I'm just not sure.That being said, though I enjoyed the book, there were parts I found to be questionable. A psychic or spiritual or awakened (?) friend warned them from tempting the spirits by holding seances or using an Ouija board, and then the very next page, they are holding a group seance to channel spirits. That was just weird. And there was never any mention of her bringing in a priest to bless the house or even a psychic or 'voodoo' queen to calm down the spirits even though she was quick to point out the correlation between her and the previous owner's visit to Haiti right before purchasing the property, and the 'curse' that was placed on her during this visit. After the beginning of the book, I don't remember her mentioning this 'curse' again.I have to conclude that some of the explanations given in this book, especially at the end with the philandering husband, were just too unbelievable. Yes, I think that some of the things written about really happened, but I think at the same time they were embellished. Footnote: While trying to find other information on The Myrtles Plantation, I have found that the accounts on the history of the 'ghosts' are questionable. It seems that some of the explanations have been embellished year after year when in reality, they never happened at all. However, most information does allow that this old plantation does in fact have ghostly activity.