The Sock Wars - Maia Sepp I purchased this book from Amazon because I love books with a story centered around fixing up an old house. I also loved the title and the cover of the book!! OK, shallow I know....but sometimes covers draw you in!!The inheritance of the house by Lucy following the death of her beloved aunt and how her and her boyfriend subsequently move in to the house seemed like a good premise. I became interested in the story quickly as I was trying to relate to everything Lucy was feeling.The other characters introduced were interesting and in some cases funny and eccentric. Eccentric is also the word I will use to describe Lucy's departed aunt. The path Lucy was on during this story was one we all have to relate to in one way or another during our lives. The questions of life, goals, dreams, ambitions, our path....these all come into play during the period of transition following a death. Moving to her aunt's house and Oliver moving in with her for the first time, these additional stressors could not have happened at a worse time for Lucy. Lucy, who the author portrayed as a financial planner who always lived responsibly; was not the same Lucy who allowed these things to happen. OK I understand that people do strange things after losing a loved one, but I seriously wanted to shake her and say what are you thinking? Then add to the mix a new boss who was a real prick, a boyfriend who decides now is the perfect time to start a family, in the backdrop of contractors banging away fixing up the house, well you have a recipe for disaster! I am still trying to digest the ending of this book a day later. I think that says something for the book itself! It's not one that is going to fade from my memory quickly. It was not the best time for Lucy to make a life decision which caused her to lose Oliver, who she reportedly loved so much. And Oliver, what the heck was wrong with that guy to even put her in that position to begin with!Can a book lose a star because the ending is one that you don't like? That is my dilemma! The message of this book resonates with me; you don't have to live by what is thought to be normal: "There are other ways to live". What a great message.Though there were parts of the book that annoyed me, I am giving this book 4 stars for the message it contains. A great message that many people should follow.