The Dry Grass of August - Anna Jean Mayhew I loved young Jubie; her honor, her courage, her fearless love for Mary. Yes, I enjoyed the character of Jubie! Her mother, not so much; her father, not at all; her older sister; didn't like her so much either! So the book is centered around life in the Carolina's during the 50's and how one young girl survived. It also paints a picture of life for a (white) wife and family during this time and it's not all 'Leave it to Beaver'! I've heard others compare it to "The Help". Maybe a little, but I believe this book stands on it's own. I also agree that this book would make a fine movie, and I'm not sure why this hasn't happened! Don't leave it laying on your shelf like I did!! Pick it up and read it now, you won't be disappointed!