Southern Lady: Gracious Spaces: Creating The Perfect Sanctuary In Every Room - Phyllis  Hoffman I checked this book out from the library with the intention of just looking at the pictures; maybe getting a few ideas. Little did I know that I would sit and read the whole book this evening! This book gave me so many different ideas and even some neat quotes:"Look at each room not as a place with four walls, but rather as a canvas for your heart and soul. Constantly seek and find new sources of inspiration; accrue not only things but ideas and memories.""I believe you should surround yourself with colors you love.""That which stirs us transforms us.....let those things you love do the same for all of your gracious spaces, inside and out.""Whether a castle or a cottage, your home should be a harbor not only for your body, but also your soul; a place that provides shelter and solace from the rest of the world.""TREAT YOURSELF LIKE A QUEEN, AND YOU WILL FEEL LIKE ONE.""Think outside the box and you will be amazed at the possibilities you can envision!"I definitely recommend this book especially for those of you interested in decorating and home improvement. I don't think you will be disappointed.