Winter Bloom - Tara Heavey I'm glad I picked this one back up!! Such a great book!!I have been trying to read several of my books that have been lingering for too long and I have been pleasantly surprised. In particular with this one!I started reading this book 2+ years ago, but I stopped after about the second chapter. All I can say is don't stop there! This book just gets better and better and each layer you peel back is a surprise. You find yourself so immersed in each of the character's stories. This author has done an amazing job. Usually when a book goes back and forth between portrayals of different character's lives like this one did, there will be at least one that I don't care for, that I try to hurry through to get back to the story I really enjoy. With this book, I enjoyed them all, all the stories, all the characters, all the lives. Don't wait any longer to read this one! It will make you want to get your hands dirty in the garden!