Henry's Sisters - Cathy Lamb I am going to start by saying I almost put this book aside after the first 2-3 chapters because the characters are portrayed in just over the top ways. I had forgotten this about Cathy Lamb's writing; the shock factor she uses to make the awful things that happen a little bit lighter. Just keep reading!This story is told by Isabelle, one of Henry's sisters, the one that somehow came to seem most real to me. She has serial one night stands because she can't handle getting close to anyone. Then there is Cecelia a kindergarten teacher who overeats, and Janie a best selling author who has to tap and count worse than 'Monk'! Each sister lived through their harrowing childhood by developing these idiosyncrasies, by always sticking together in their love for each other, their down syndrome brother Henry, their mother and grandmother who believes she is Amelia Earhart. This book took me on quite a journey and left me with tears streaming down my face. Tears mixed with chuckles at some of the antics....because this is how the author rolls! She can make you laugh and cry at the same time! In my opinion, this author is one you don't want to miss!