The House on Willow Street - Cathy Kelly I am wavering between 'it was ok', 'liked it', and 'really liked it'. I enjoyed this book but....I felt there were too many characters with too many issues. Mara, Tess, Danae, Suki; Cashel, Rafe, Kevin, pregnant girlfriend, Rock Star, Kyle Sr, Kyle Jr, Antoinette, Alfonso, Jack, Father Liam, Silkie, CiCi, Belle, and.....spousal abuse, infidelity, heartache, loss, grieving, rape, rich vs poor, business and the economy, idolization, much heartache, pain, tragedies, personalities, dramas, etc.I longed to see a resolution between Tess and Cashel, for Danae to find true happiness, Suki to resolve her issues, and Mara to find love again. In a way these things did happen but by that time it felt rushed like there were too many issues involving too many characters for me to feel invested in any of them. A concentration on just a couple would have made the book more enjoyable for me. I don't think I'm doing a very good job with my explanation! Would I recommend this book? Actually yes, but it's not one that I couldn't put down or wanted to get home and read.