Keeping the Moon - Sarah Dessen Another great book by this author with such a wonderful message for teenage girls and all of us! I highly recommend this book for a light, fun read! I really think this book should be made into a movie!Note: A year and half later....I'm still waiting for the movie! I don't know how you'd go about recommending this....perhaps by writing a letter to a famous movie star (maybe Tom Hanks for Norman)!!The story line has remained a favorite, and the eccentric characters were so memorable that I can still picture them! The 'Last Chance Cafe' along with best friends Morgan & Isabel and how they helped the main character Colie gain her self confidence; her mother who seemed a tad self absorbed; weird Aunt Mira with her sticky notes and bike rides; Norman the artistic lodger....I remember them all. My mother in law recently asked me, "Why do you hang on to books you've already read?" My answer was that if I really like a book, I like to re-read it. I'm not sure about my copy of this book, I need to do some 'book-tote' digging! If I can't find it, then I need to get another copy. Plus I would love to share it with my niece who is now 12! This note has become larger than my original review and is the reason I'm changing my 4 star rating to 5 BIG STARS!!!!