My Best Friend's Girl

My Best Friend's Girl - Dorothy Koomson This was a satisfying book that had me in tears at times!Adele and Kamryn were best friends. Kamryn struggled with self-esteem issues and Adele's family life was horribly abusive. When the two meet in college, they become instant best friends, confidantes, like sisters until Adele's unthinkable act shatters their friendship. Now two years later, Adele has made a final request-for Kamryn to adopt her 5 year old daughter, Tegan. Kamryn answers with a vehement No, even though she loves her godchild, she never wanted children of her own. She goes to Adele's father and stepmother's home where Tegan is staying and finds her in a deplorable, heartwrenching situation, which immediately changes her mind. When Adele passes away soon after, it is just sad. This all takes place during the first 90 pages of the book!Kamryn, 'Ryn', has devoted her life to her job as second in command of the marketing department for a big department store chain. Her closest friend is Ted who is her boss. When Ted announces that he is leaving the company and moving to Italy, this is also upsetting to Ryn.Ted is replaced by Luke who immediately rubs Ryn the wrong way and seems to be arrogant and over bearing. Things couldn't get any worse until Luke and Tegan instantly bond and he becomes an integral part of their lives and eventually Ryn's boyfriend.But there are still ghosts from the past to deal with, namely Nate who is Tegan's biological father and Ryn's ex-fiance. When Ryn approaches Nate in order to get him to sign adoption papers, the question becomes does Ryn still love Nate?As they all adjust to life--Ryn as a mother to Tegan, Luke as a surrogate father and partner to Ryn, and Nate on the sidelines trying to deal with his own demons--the story continues to hold my interest as I wonder just what is Ryn going to do?Just when I thought I knew the answer, another curve ball would be thrown into the story! All's well that ends well and the ending was truly satisfying.I did enjoy this book even though it seemed to be a little bit over the top at times. I would recommend it as a light read with a few tears thrown in!