Up Close and Dangerous: A Novel

Up Close and Dangerous - Linda Howard The two main characters in this book were Bailey and Cam.Bailey is the widow of Jim Wingate, a self-made millionaire who was much older than her. The common opinion is that she married the 'old man' for his money. Following his death, she was given control of her grown stepchildren's trust funds. They then did all that was possible to make Bailey's life miserable.Cam used to be an Air Force pilot and then went into business with his best friend, Bret, forming J & L Executive Air Limo who provided charter flights to customers among whom the Wingate Corp. was their largest account.Bailey was looking forward to a two week vacation white water rafting with her brother Logan and his wife Peaches. Bret was to be the pilot for her flight to Colorado. The morning of the flight, Bret became very sick, so Cam was called in to pilot the plane. In mid-flight, the engines suddenly died and only because of Cam's skill as a pilot did they both survive. Bailey immediately sprang into action getting Cam out of the plane, cleaning his wound, even stitching it up, building them a shelter, all without thinking of her own injuries. The severe cold forced the two to huddle close in the make shift shelter for warmth and following five days without rescue, they fell in love.This is the point when I found the book becoming a little 'cheesy'! Would a man be thinking of sex right after an almost fatal plane crash? Well according to the author, this is exactly what happens. The story, however, came together at the end following their rescue and provided a big surprise.This book was initially engrossing, if only to read about the plane crash and survival in the wilderness. I probably would have enjoyed the cheesy romance part a lot more when I was younger and was still wearing rose colored glasses!