A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty

A Grown-Up Kind of Pretty - What do I say about this one? It was ok, I liked it.....but I was expecting a light southern read. The quirky characters helped lighten it, but there were still tough subjects covered in this book. I think my problem was that I really didn't relate to any of the main characters very well. The point of view of Liza after her stroke really bothered me and how the words were in her mind but she couldn't vocalize them. I felt sympathy for the matriarch Ginny and also for her granddaughter Mosey, but Liza's antics were over the top and she was not a person I liked....on the other hand I had to sympathize with her because of her stroke. I also had a problem with the relationship between Lawrence and Ginny; it was kinda unbelievable to me. It seems the author portrayed Ginny (Big) as having her shit together at 45, but then had her ripping her clothes off after meeting Lawrence again for the first time in 12 years. Liza just had sex with anyone, married or not. She blackmailed Claire, who was the matriarch of the rich family in the book. She sent pictures to Mosey's real mother all those years, she had a secret 'tree house' that she would meet men at, Mosey even snuck after her and caught her in the act once! I enjoyed the relationship between Mosey and her best friend Roger and how they included Patti in their circle. But the whole scene where Roger and Mosey went to find her mother....that was just way over the top. And how the resemblance between the two was so great but then the mother was described in such a way that how would you be able to see any resemblance?Perhaps it was my mood and my expectations of what I would be reading were so different from what I got. Don't read this book thinking you are getting a light southern read, and you may love it!