The Myth of You and Me

The Myth of You and Me - Leah Stewart This book came with high recommendations from both Holli and Laura, and I have to add my recommendation to the list!It begins with Cameron and Oliver who was a 90+ year old history professor that she had been living with for three years as his assistant and caretaker. Their relationship ran much deeper than that and I thought of them more like family. The book then focuses on the relationship between Cameron and Sonia which began when they were both 14 and continued until their senior year in college when a betrayal tore them apart. After this 10 year estrangement, Sonia takes the first step in reconciliation by sending Cameron a letter to announce her approaching engagement and to salvage their friendship which by this time seems almost like a ‘myth’.Not long after receiving the letter, Oliver dies leaving Cameron with a letter requesting her to deliver the accompanying package to Sonia. She sets out to do just that but when she reaches Sonia’s apartment she isn't there. The ensuing search leads her to some of their old friends; Will who was Sonia’s boyfriend, Owen who was Cameron’s boyfriend, and Suzette who was Sonia’s sorority sister. The story culminates when Cameron finds Sophia and the package from Oliver is opened.You can’t read this book without thinking of your own best friend from high school or others who have touched your life in some way through the years. The message on love and friendship that I gained by reading this book will remain with me. I will be looking for more books by this talented author!